Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the fourth novel by Ellen Hopkins that I've read and despite the fact that I still am not a huge fan of poetry I sped through this one in less than 24 hours as well.  Again Hopkins fills her novel with such raw emotion and subjects that some may object to but shouldn't, because they are things that everyone needs to know about.  Ellen's books really bring the phrase "the more you know the safer you are" to life, because that's what her books do! They bring things to life that most people don't want to talk about because they're messy and make you think.  In this novel she makes you think about HIV, teen pregnancy, and rape, among other things.  While reading this book there was just SO much going through my mind, and although I've never been in any of these situations I could really feel what the characters were going through, and I think that the verse was a huge part of why that was possible.  There are books that I think everyone should read in life because they have some sort of meaning or teach you a lesson, and I fully believe that ALL of Ellen's books are some of those books.  The only thing I was a little upset with was the fact that I didn't feel that the book was wrapped up with a bow, but now that I think about it that was probably the point, because it's not just a book, it's LIFE, and life isn't wrapped up with a bow.  I would like to see how these character's lives progress, and so if there was a sequel I would want to pick it up and read it, but I can deal if this is the only book with these characters in it. I also have to say that this book does something different then her other books, and that is there are more than just the main characters "talking" (and by that I mean there are more than just the three main characters view point as the poems) which I really enjoyed.  I do have to advise against letting younger kids read this book, because there are some harsh topics, words, and scenes that may not be appropriate for them.

Out September 11, 2012

4/5 dust spirits

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