Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Which I Give You an Update

As of Monday September 23 at 10:00 am I will be a community college student.  For the past...three years that I've been running this blog I've been in high school, and amazingly enough I've been able to post pretty regularly.  Because this is my first year in college I'm not really sure what to expect I can't promise that my posts will be frequent, and same thing goes for my reviews.  Hopefully everything will continue on as normal, but I can't be sure (although finals week will almost for sure be silent).  When I have spare time I'll read, and when I finish a book I'll post a review same as always.  I have quite a few signings lined up that I want to go to so hopefully that will happen as well.  Regardless I'll make sure to post a contest every now because you guys have stuck through a lot of things with me!  Thanks so much and I hope to continue on at the rate I've been going in terms of reading and reviewing, and I promise to have more contests!

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