Monday, September 2, 2013

Review-All Our Yesterdays

I'm not sure when I first heard about this book, but I do know that I wanted to read it.  I was THRILLED when I got the ARC in the mail, but as it so often turns out the reading of it was pushed back until the last possible moment.  Honestly I have SO many books I need to read I was considering putting this book aside mid-read so I could get to the others, but MAN am I glad that I didn't.  If you know me there's no question that I love Doctor Who, and I find time travel fascinating.  Who doesn't think about the question "if you could go back and change something in your life what would you change?".  I've thought about it, and of course it would make a great book.  Add in the fact that the world has gone to hell and I don't think it could GET any better, but time travel books can be SUPER tricky, because, well, they have to make sense.  If you're at ALL familiar with the theory of time travel you know about paradoxes, and when reading (and writing of course) you have to be acutely aware of potential paradoxes, so this isn't one of those books that you can just read with half of your attention.  Honestly there were some points in the last few chapters that caused me to go "wait, what, how is x happening" and then I would think about it and go "OH, that's how. Duh!".  I loved the dual POV told from the same person at different points on their timeline, and although the plot at it's very core was pretty simple (go back in time to stop something that plunged the world into chaos) and had been done before the way it was pulled off was wholly original, which can be very hard to do in today's day and age.  I just can't get over the ending, because in all honesty it was PERFECT for the book.  This book could do just fine as a stand-alone, and in all honesty I'm not quite sure how the sequel will work with how this book ended, but I'm happy there will be a sequel because I'm excited to see where Terrill takes the story next.

Out September 3, 2013

4.5/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Hyperion for providing me with an ARC in return for an honest review.

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